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QuickBooks Edition - Issue 10.15

July 12, 2011


We love the Accountant Edition, especially features like the Client Data Review. Now we have a special offer we want to make sure you know about. Today only Intuit is offering QuickBooks Accountant 2011 at a 50% savings. So, rather than the list price of $399.95, your price is only $199.95 plus tax. As an Intuit Solution Provider, we can process the order for you (and that way we get the brownie points with Intuit) and it will be shipped directly from Intuit to you. Give us a call for more details.

PS Interested in other Intuit products including payroll or merchant services? How about QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions instead? We have amazing offers on these products as well. Give us a call to see how we can help you.


In this issue:

  • Ask the Expert: Undeposited Funds Clean Up (CDR Follow Up)
  • Ask the Expert: Assigning Classes using Client Data Review
  • FREE 12 Month Subscriptions for ProAdvisors
  • Upcoming Live Events
  • About Us
  • Quick Links

Tips and Tricks

Ask the Expert: Undeposited Funds Clean Up (Follow Up)

Last week's issue of the newsletter included a few suggestions for cleaning up undeposited funds. We want to thank Joan Shumaker for sending an email about the Client Data Review feature in the Accountant Edition. This was a great catch! With the Clear Up Undeposited Funds Account it is possible to link deposits to payments in an efficient manner. If the deposit has the customer:job name included, then it must match the payment customer:job. If there is not a name entered on the deposit, then the list of all unmatched payments will be listed to be linked. The total amount of the deposit must agree with the total amount of the payments to be applied. The most efficient way to use Client Data Review features is via the Accountant Edition, however, many of the features are also available in other products to users who are logged in as an External Accountant.

As a resource for this and other questions, submit a question via "Ask the Expert" or attend our free, monthly discussion forum webinar.

Ask the Expert: Assigning Classes to Multiple Transactions

.Q - We have just implemented a process of assigning classes to track various lines of business. We have checked the preference to remind everyone to assign the class to each transaction, so going forward this is working relatively well. However, we would like to assign classes to historical transactions. We have been editing each transaction. We want to keep the history at the transaction level not create a journal entry to reclassify transactions in total. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Submitted by Steve.

A - Yes, using the Client Data Review. But, you will need to make the edits using the Accountant Edition of QuickBooks. With the Reclassify Transactions feature you can choose to show the transactions by account or by name. Then you simply check off all the transaction that need to be updated, enter the account and/or class at the bottom of the screen, and apply the changes to all of the transactions. In addition to the class clean up you described, this works well when transactions have not been consistently applied to the correct accounts or have been consistently applied to the wrong account. This is definitely one of our favorite features in Client Data Review based on the amount of time it saves with clean up projects.

FREE 12 Month Subscriptions for ProAdvisors

:I am thrilled to be included in another Intuit promotion. Intuit is currently offering 12 month subscriptions to four different applications as a pilot ProAdvisor program. Simply go to http://appcenter.intuit.com/promos/growyourpractice and click on request a subscription and scroll down to the form. Fill in your contact information including you ProAdvisor Contract Number (log in to https://proadvisor.intuit.com/login/ and you will see the contract number next to your name. When you press Submit, it will provide you the opportunity to choose a Business Profile name that you have already created, or choose a new one, and you will be subscribed to a no fee, fully functional, single user subscription of the application. The four applications that are currently included are:
* ProfitSee
* EZ Analytics
* AuditMyBooks
* XpandedReports

On that same web page there are also 1 hour webinars (with CPE credit available) featuring one of the four products each Thursday in July. Sign up today!

For all the details, links, etc: http://appcenter.intuit.com/promos/growyourpractice
For AOL Users: <a href="http://appcenter.intuit.com/promos/growyourpractice">click here</a>

The Sleeter Group Accounting Solutions Conference

Below are some live events in the next couple of months. If you are attending, let me know. I would love to catch up with you in person! For the full schedule including remote events, please visit our Training Calendar.

September 18-20, 2011: Accounting C4 (Cloud Computing Collaborative Community) Conference powered by RightNetworks, Boston. I will be presenting a few sessions including those for XpandedReports and Legrand CRM.

November 7-9: The Sleeter Group Accounting Solutions Conference, Las Vegas, I will be attending and I am serving on the Developer Advisory Panel for the Awesome Add-On Consulting & Awards Program. Use code "BN2011" for a discount on the registration fee prior to August 31, 2011 (the code can only be used during Super Early Bird or Early Bird period) for a Regular or Combo registration on Regular or Combo registrations only - not Member or Multi registrations. Registrant may not combine use of promo code with new attendee discount; however, registrant may receive credits for referring new attendees.

About Us

McWilliams and Associates can help you keep pace with all your QuickBooks clients. Through many self-service options on our website www.accountingsoftwaresecrets.com, group settings like seminars and webinars, or one-on-one services, we help you quickly and painlessly navigate through the obstacle course of QuickBooks and related add-ons. Our clients are primarily from all over the United States with 95% of our work being done remotely with other Accountants and Pro Advisors, or with their clients if they prefer. We do not do any income tax work or financial statements so there is never a conflict of interest. Most of our QuickBooks consulting clients need 2-6 hours with us to deal with a specific issue, transition, or just for those occasional questions that come up.

In addition to QuickBooks we love working with integrated applications: Some specific examples include XpandedReports, Fishbowl Inventory, and Legrand CRM. We have experience with all these products and would love to partner with you as you help your client address needs that are beyond the scope of QuickBooks alone.

If you want more information on how we might best work together, call 800-787-8744. We would love to talk with you about your needs and any special deals we have for Bookkeepers, Accountants, and ProAdvisors.

Quick Links

Monthly Discussion Forum

XpandedReports for QuickBooks - Use affiliate code of "4luvofbiz" for an additional 1 month extension on the 1 month trial for the desktop (XR 4.3) product.

Virtual Time + Expense - I have been able to negotiate the same deal as I am getting for you: FREE! Free accounts will be provided to accounting professionals who provide accounting services to other companies on a full-time basis by using the link below.

AuditMyBooks - Interested in learning more about detecting errors and fraud in small business accounting systems? Visit my affiliate site to download the white paper titled “Protecting Your Business from Accounting Errors & Fraud”.

We have a non-ownership business relationship with Intuit, XpandedReports, Fishbowl Inventory, AuditMyBooks, Virtual Software, BQE Software, The Sleeter Group, Alterity, MISys, RightNetworks, Insynq, Remote Accounting Solutions, CA CPA Education Foundation, and CPE Link.

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