Business Software

When we speak of business software, it falls into three categories:

QuickBooks Accounting Software Products

This category includes all the different accounting products available directly from Intuit: Simple Start, Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks Online, and all industry specific editions. Based on our relationship with Intuit, we are able to pass along savings to you when you purchase QuickBooks products by clicking through links from our site. Currently the discount is 15%-20% off retail and shipping is free. In addition to the accounting software products mentioned, discounts will apply on Learning QuickBooks CD program, Point Of Sale, Customer Manager, Quicken, TurboTax, and checks and supplies from that same link.

QuickBooks Add-Ons & Utilities

QuickBooks Add-Ons, by our definition, are those products which provide specific functionality enhancements not available through QuickBooks products directly. This may be feature enhancements such as enhanced customer relationship manangement features like marketing e-mails and activity logs, PDA integration for field people in a service business, document management capabilities, printing checks on blank check stock, etc. Typically these are programs that are used regularly by QuickBooks users as a front end interface.

As compared to QuickBooks Utilities there are those products which make our job easier or more efficient. Some common examples are data transfer tools that permit moving transactions from one file to another, excel Add-Ins that can extract information from QuickBooks to make manipulation or access to data possible that cannot be done any other way, or tools that automate the process of receiving data that is used to update the QuickBooks data file (such as information that comes in via e-mail and then is used to automatically create sales receipts in QuickBooks with little or no user intervention). These are typically tools which are used behind the scenes to eliminate time consuming data entry projects when information is already available electronically.

For a listing with links to more information of some of the products we use and/or resell plus an overview of "How Add-Ons Work", visit our Add-Ons & Utilities page.

On to the products...

Internet-based QuickBooks from Right Networks - A Proven Provider

Proven Reliability Trusted World-Wide

Our Internet-based QuickBooks offering is powered by our service partner, Right Networks.

Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Right Networks' Internet-based QuickBooks offering is delivered from a top-of-the-line data center that provides true enterprise-class scale and reliability including: fulltime security, video surveillance, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), back-up generators, fully redundant power and network systems, advanced network firewalls, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, flood detection systems, and daily back-ups of QuickBooks data. The data center Internet connection delivers 10MB/s continuous with burst throughput up to 100MB/s.

Team with an Outstanding Technology Outsourcing Partner

If you offer outsourced bookkeeping services or are considering offering such services, you understand the motivation for outsourcing: your customers can improve their business focus and save money by having you manage their books.

The same principal applies to the technology required to support outsourced bookkeeping: you can improve your focus on bookkeeping and save money by having a technology company manage the necessary computer systems.

Setting up a secure, reliable data center requires a significant investment in money to purchase server-class computer, networking, and firewall systems. This investment is dwarfed by the investment in time required to learn the technology so that you can purchase the right systems, set them up correctly, and keep them running properly and securely. In addition, the on-going costs of sufficient bandwidth to keep your customers happy can be prohibitive to many companies.

Our service partner, Right Networks, has made the essential investments to enable us to add Internet-based QuickBooks to its offerings. In addition, Right Networks has entered into the legal agreements with software vendors that are required to host applications for external users. By teaming with Right Networks, you can avoid the cost and distraction of setting up a data center yourself.

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Internet-based QuickBooks from Right Networks - A Superior Solution

The Advantages of Internet-based QuickBooks

One key benefit of remote QuickBooks access is the ability to increase your revenue by serving more customers in more locations with less travel time and travel expense. However, the available remote-access solutions vary greatly.

The following sections compare Internet-based QuickBooks solutions, like our offering, with QuickBooks Online edition, remote-access web plug-ins, and the built-in remote access features of the Full-Featured versions of QuickBooks. The comparison places special focus on how well the varied remote access solutions support outsourced bookkeeping.

Easy Remote Access

Ideally, remote QuickBooks access should work just like QuickBooks running on your local PC.

QuickBooks Online edition:

Built-In Remote Access:

Web Plug-Ins:

OUR SOLUTION - Internet-based Quickbooks:

Important QuickBooks Features

A remote access solution should not take away features, especially from my customers.

QuickBooks Online edition: In addition to having to learn an entirely new interface in order to run QuickBooks Online edition, you lose several key features of QuickBooks Pro, Premium, and Enterprise (and even Basic) editions.

Built-In Remote Access:

Web Plug-Ins:

OUR SOLUTION - Internet-based QuickBooks:

Simplified PC Management

Is PC maintenance what you really want to be doing?

QuickBooks Online edition:

Built-In Remote Access:

Web Plug-Ins:

OUR SOLUTION - Internet-based QuickBooks:


I know that a data-center offers the best reliability, but I still want a local copy of my data.

QuickBooks Online edition:

Built-In Remote Access:

Web Plug-Ins:

OUR SOLUTION - Internet-based Quickbooks:

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Internet-based QuickBooks from Right Networks - Overview

Access Full-Featured QuickBooks
Easily and Reliably from Anywhere, Anytime

McWilliams & Associates Inc, is now offering the ultimate remote QuickBooks access solution.

With this offering, you can:

One key benefit of remote QuickBooks access is the ability to increase your revenue by serving more customers in more locations with less travel time and travel expense. In addition, Internet-based QuickBooks gives you the peace-of-mind of nightly back-ups and banking-class security so that you can stay focused on your business and your customers.

Internet-based QuickBooks is provided by our service partner, Right Networks.


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Diagnostic Tools

Thank you for your interest in our QuickBooks Diagnostic Solutions!  We are always excited to have the opportunity to help accountants and business owners succeed using technology.

Our suite of diagnostic tool products are software programs specifically designed for the Accountant and Consultant. This question/answer format efficiently provides a framework to document and train on various QuickBooks and business management issues in an organized, comprehensive way.

Unfortunately this tool is not currently available. We are working on updating it to take advantage of new technology. We are planning to have something available for you in January 2016. If you would like to receive information as it is available, please complete the Contact Us form.

Small Business Diagnostic Tool - QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software Edition


Small Business Diagnostic Tool - Business Management Edition is not currently available but is in the process of being updated as well.



From AuditMyBooks: Interested in learning more about detecting errors and fraud in small business accounting systems? Visit my affiliate site to download the white paper titled “Protecting Your Business from Accounting Errors & Fraud”. Download the white paper now:

Everyone makes a mistake now and then. Sometimes finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Manual reviews can take hours and are outdated as soon as you record a new transaction.

AuditMyBooks Analyzer offers free check-up scans for more than a dozen possible accounting problems. It’s simple to use and fast enough to run regularly. Get started with AuditMyBooks today!

No one thinks twice about using anti-virus software to protect their computer from hackers.Shouldn't your money get the same level of protection?

Even a monthly scan of your QuickBooks file with AuditMyBooks Analyzer reduces the chance of accounting errors & fraud.

Fraud & accounting errors are problems that often go unchecked in small businesses. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that fraud cost U.S. businesses nearly $2.9 trillion last year, and that more than 30% of the cases investigated occurred at SMB’s with less than 100 employees. Businesses of this size suffer the highest median loss at nearly $150,000 per occurrence and 25% of the cases exceed $1 million in losses. When fraud is committed, it takes an average of 18 months or more to discover.

Even when fraud is impossible, accounting errors can still potentially be a big problem. Accounting experts say 60% of errors result from “simple bookkeeping mistakes or misapplication of easily understood accounting standards”. Are you sure that sales tax entry is correct?

AuditMyBooks Analyzer automatically scans QuickBooks accounting records to detect accounting errors & possible fraud.

Secure & simple enough to use daily, weekly or at month end close… you choose.

BQE Software Inc

BQE Software Inc

Do you need more robust project accounting capabilities than QuickBooks currently offers?  BQE Software products offer sophisticated time tracking, project management, and billing capabilities while integrating with QuickBooks in “real time.”  BQE Software products make your daily work easier.  

BQE Software has produced a series of products for all kinds of businesses that minimize your time spent on the day to day business tasks. This includes software for off-site consultants and satellite offices: time keeping, expense recording, report generation, invoicing, client management and project management via the Web, and time and expense recording on your Palm or Windows CE device.

Contact us to learn more .

Want more information?

BQE provides a free BillQuick Live Presentation via the internet. A live trainer will guide you through an overview of the product and answer all of your questions during the session. To register for the demonstration, click here.

If your prefer to attend a demonstration of the BillQuick + Microsoft Small Business Accounting special presentation, please click here.

A free, thirty day evaluation copy of any of of BQE Software Products is now available to download. The evaluation copy is a fully functional product, and includes free technical support. To download the evaluation copy, click here.

For a comparison chart of all BQE Software features, click here, and to walk through all of BQE screen shots, click here.

How can we help you?

Does the thought of implementing a robust project accounting solution concern you? Are you worried that you will spend valuable resources rolling out the software, and won’t know how to effectively use the program to capture the information that you need? If so, that is where we can help. With countless hours of working through the issues you will encounter with other clients, we are in a unique position to get you up to speed fast!

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Fishbowl Inventory


Fishbowl Inventory

While QuickBooks remains the worlds most popular and easy to use accounting package, its limited inventory control capabilities may become troublesome for growing companies. This is where Fishbowl Inventory steps in.

Fishbowl Inventory Management Software integrates with QuickBooks to deliver a total accounting, inventory and operations solution.  Simply add Fishbowl Inventory to your QuickBooks and you now have a full-scale inventory control/order entry package that tracks inventory at multiple sites, handles unlimited parts, tracks serial/lot numbers and, in short, provides the entire inventory tracking ability.   

Receiving a “Gold Developer” rating from Intuit, Fishbowl has been recognizes as the #1 rated inventory solution for users of QuickBooks. For more information, Contact us.

Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse

Fishbowl’s user-friendly bar-coding solution, Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse, lets you view and adjust inventory levels from anywhere in your warehouse. Whether you are shipping or receiving inventory from one location to another, Fishbowl will help you increase your inventory accuracy and worker productivity!

Want more information?

An interactive, one on one, internet-based demonstration where you can watch the Fishbowl Inventory program at work as you talk to a live Fishbowl representative is available here.

Read a Case Study

One of the best ways to know if this solution will work for your situation is to read a case study.

Chung’s Gourmet Foods is a leading producer of egg rolls, pot stickers, spring rolls, and Asian entrees in the United States. Located in the shadows of the University of Houston in beautiful Houston, TX, Chung’s was founded in 1986 with the vision of providing gourmet quality Asian food that could be enjoyed at home. Chung’s uses only the highest-quality ingredients and gourmet recipes to produce delicious frozen foods that have the same great taste in every bite. Chung’s works with various retail grocery chains to offer their products all across the country. In October of 2005, Chung’s was acquired by Yellowstone Brands Ltd. and has since experienced sales growth at an average of 20 percent per year. Through its subsidiaries, Yellowstone Brands Ltd. manufactures and markets specialty products in growing niche markets. Download Chung's Case Study PDF

How can we help you?

Does the prospect of implementing an integrated inventory solution concern you? Are you worried that you will spend valuable time rolling out the software, and won’t know how to most effectively use the program to capture the information that you need to manage your inventory? If so, that is where we can help. With countless hours of working through the issues you will encounter with other clients, we are in a unique position to get you up to speed fast!

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Legrand CRM

Many small businesses need a CRM product and although most state that they work with QuickBooks, few really do in a meaningful way. Legrand is the exception to that rule. We have spent many hours working directly with their developers to help them truly understand what the small business QuickBooks user needs and wants: true integration. This integration is required in a software program that is quick and easy to learn and use in under 30 minutes. They have heard our plea and provided a solution! Contact us to learn more.

Want More Information?

Our Newsletter Archives

How Can We Help You?

Want More Information?

A free 30 day trial is available. Please enter McWilliams & Associates, Inc. in the Referred by box. Thanks.

For more information about what is included in each of the editions of the product, please click on the link below.

Legrand CRM integrates with QuickBooks Pro and Premier versions 2007-2010 plus Enterprise Solution version 7-10. It supports the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia editions of QuickBooks. Legrand CRM also integrates with MYOB and Sybiz Vision.

Our Newsletter Archives

Legrand CRM's QuickBooks Integration THE Best Available!

Legrand CRM: Our Top 12 Features

Featured Add-On: Legrand CRM Software

How Can We Help You?

Does the prospect of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system intimidate you? Are you concerned that you won't know how to most effectively use the program to capture the information that will directly translate into higher sales and better customer service within your organizations? If so, that is where we can help. With countless hours of working through the issues you will encounter with other clients, we are in a unique position to get you up to speed fast!

To Purchase the Product or Optional Modules please contact us. All products are downloadable. To have access to a demo, trial, or for upgrade pricing for previous Legrand customers, please contact us.

Remote Accounting Solutions - Data Transfer Made Easy

Remote Accounting Solutions

Simple. Secure. Fast. Affordable

Who is RAS?
Remote Accounting Solutions is the easiest and most effective way for you to connect with your clients and their data. Accounting data coming from your clients can be difficult to manage. Backups and restores are time wasters that aggravate and take away valuable time which could otherwise be put to good use. With our service, one click gives you instant access to your clients' information so you don't waste time with technical issues or trying to locate files.

Why use RAS?
Even if you only spend 15 minutes a day downloading, moving files, restoring backups, and creating backups, you will lose billable time. That lost time could be worth thousands of dollars each year. Beyond the numbers, the most important thing RAS does for you is to provide an easy working environment for your client. Our goal is to provide you a service in which it is easy to communicate with your client as well as access their information.

What does RAS offer?
RAS provides this service by exclusively working with accountants. Everything from our technology to our support is built from the ground up to handle the needs of the accountant and their client. This includes technical support that is available 365 days a year, remote desktop sharing that gives you direct access to your client's PC, and a full online management system. The management system provides you an audit trail of dates/times of when you connect to your client's data or their PCs. Check out our service and see why thousands of accountants use us every day.

RAS Features at a Glance

Click here to find out about RAS's affordable pricing and risk free trial.


SpringAhead Time & Billing
Simplify time and billing with SpringAhead’s online platform. Enter, approve and review timesheets online and export them directly to QuickBooks with a single click. Take advantage of the unparalleled integration SpringAhead provides to populate invoices, timesheets, contractor payments (as check or bills) and journal entries based on your needs. Items, classes, jobs, subjobs and more are fully supported. Virtual Time+Expense is the ideal solution for professional service organizations, staffing and recruiting companies, government contractors with DCAA compliance needs and companies seeking time tracking functionality that extends beyond Intuit’s Time Tracker.

SpringAhead Expense Reports
Simplify time and billing with SpringAhead’s online platform. Enter, approve and review expense reports online and export them directly to QuickBooks with a single click. Employee time savers include receipt uploads, fax support, employee attachment inboxes, credit card uploads and foreign currency conversion. Take advantage of the unparalleled integration Virtual Time+Expense provides to populate QuickBooks with checks, bills, credit cards transactions and journal entries based on your needs. Items, classes, jobs, subjobs and more are fully supported. SpringAhead is the ideal solution for project accounting, project billing, paperless processes and employees on the go.

SpringAhead is the top rated Intuit Gold Developer for Time & Billing and Expense Management. SpringAhead is also the official tool of the QuickBooks National Advisor Network and the recipient of a Sleeter Awesome QuickBooks Add-On award in 2010. SpringAhead is compatible with all PC versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, can be accessed from any browser on any type of computer and works with any payroll provider that supports file imports.

Bonus - I have been able to negotiate the same deal as I am getting for you: FREE!
Free accounts will be provided to accounting professionals who provide accounting services to other companies on a full-time basis by using the link below.
SpringAhead website.

QuickBooks Add-ons

QuickBooks Add-ons

There are more than 400 applications listed on Intuit's Marketplace with countless others that work with QuickBooks, but the developer did not join the IDN (Intuit Developer Network). We try to keep up with the add-ons that have broad appeal to the QuickBooks Professional directly or their client base. Below is a sampling of what we have used with our own clients. This list is designed to provide examples of what is available, it is not intended to be a comprehensive list. If you don't see an add-on you are considering, don't hesitate to contact us and we will let you know if we have experiences to share. Also, if you discover an add-on that works well for you, we would love to hear about that too.

PS There are lots of choices, so if you need a jump start on choosing an appropriate add-on, we are available to consult with you, or provide a needs analysis service with add-on recommendations.

How Add-Ons and Utilities Work

Many of the add-on products available have been programmed to allow the import and export function to occur easily between their software and QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Professional Advisors Program provides additional information to their members that may be useful to those who wish to attempt to import transactional data. It does, however, require a significant amount of programming experience to accomplish.

Many third party software packages, especially those developed for specific industry use (for example medical billing, more comprehensive time and billing, collision shop management, etc) have developed a “bridge” program to permit using their product for the specific task, and QuickBooks for the general ledger and additional functions. By creating an export file from the other software that QuickBooks can import they can provide great value to the small business.

In February, 2001, Intuit announced the Intuit Developer Network to increase the solutions available for the small business community that interface with QuickBooks. At that point the SDK (Software Development Kit) and QODBC tools were released to facilitate the development of add-on solutions. Since that time the number of solutions has exploded exponentially. In addition, many developers have the ability (for a reasonable fee) to customize their program if it does not fit the needs of the client specifically.

This process of performing the needs analysis that includes a “must have” versus “wish list” and finding the right add-on to match (or working with the developer to customize an existing solution) can provide a challenging and lucrative business for the QuickBooks consultant. These services can even be expanded to include managing the project between the client and the developer, installing the solution and training the client on its use. The perceived value to the client is high because of the time, cost, and aggravation that can be eliminated as a result of the increased efficiency and information an add-on can deliver. As a consultant, you probably already know what the client needs; add-ons just provide an opportunity to solve the issue. Typically the client does not feel they have the time or expertise to find a solution “from scratch” so they appreciate the suggestions the consultant can bring to the table. The challenge for the client is that they often don’t speak the same language as a developer and the developer does not have the accounting knowledge to understand what the client truly needs. The consultant is a perfect way to facilitate the communication between them.

TRICK: Many Add-ons work with only specific QuickBooks products and versions. Future upgrades may be dictated by the need to keep the add-on and the QuickBooks software compatible and working together. Keep this in mind when evaluating costs, training, and future expenditures.

TRICK: The most significant issue to know before using an add-on is if the QuickBooks data file should be open or not. With most it is open, but with some it is not. And most all require setting the integrated application preference to permit access to the data file, and potentially the social security numbers and other sensitive information.
Intuit Examples

Add-ons from Intuit typically fall into one of three categories:

Built In the solution may be a “built in” add-on service available directly from Intuit. Examples include payroll services, deluxe billing services, online bill payments, merchant services, online back up service, remote access, etc. With these options, information is retrieved and automatically updates QuickBooks. This is the easiest way to get started because the add-on looks and feels like QuickBooks.

Integrated Software the solution may be a true add-on provided by Intuit that attaches to QuickBooks such as the Financial Statement Reporter or the Fixed Asset Manager. These alternatives add an option to the pull down menu, but when chosen automatically launch a completely separate software program that uses information from within the QuickBooks data file.

Stand Alone Software the solution may be a program that can function with QuickBooks or independently. For most of these solutions, the SDK is used so the data flows directly into the QuickBooks data file. Examples include the Client Manager, Customer Manager, and Point of Sale Programs. The QBTimer, a free time tracking program included on the QuickBooks software CD is an example of the old technology of using an IIF format that was then manually imported into QuickBooks.

Third Party Developer Examples

For third party developers, there are primarily three different types of interface:

Bridge Program this type of interface typically creates an IIF file from information entered into a third party software package to be imported into QuickBooks. Examples include the Yahoo store export, bank account downloads, etc.

Excel Add-In this program attaches to Excel including adding another pull down menu within the program itself. These can be “off the shelf” or custom programs. There are primarily three formats:
1. Reports are generated in QuickBooks then exported for manipulation such as with Smart Reports or WIP Reports.
2. Reports are generated by the add-in from QuickBooks reports that have been exported then information is available to be imported into QuickBooks such as the QuickBooks transaction copier.
3. The others the add-in can actually extract the data needed from the open QuickBooks data file automatically such as the QReport Grabber.

Integrated QuickBooks Add-On with this solution the information is extracted from QuickBooks directly, or may update the QuickBooks data file directly. Some programs require mapping of information so the interface is bi-directional. Others simply extract the information as needed. These are available in one of two formats:
1. Off the Shelf Program – standard packages mass marketed that are usually very cost effective and feature rich solutions. Examples include BillQuick, Expert Analysis Upgrade, Aatrix, ReportWiz, Customer Payment Analyzer, and countless others.
2. Off the Shelf Tools – standard packages that provide flexible solutions. These typically fall into the category of data base or report generating products. Examples include Alpha 5, Adagio FX, and QODBC. These products may be a little more complex to use in the beginning but the flexibility they provide can make the investment in training well worth it in the long run.
3. Custom – this may begin with an off-the-shelf solution that is then modified based on the specific client need. Other times it may be a completely custom solution. The cost is usually a little higher because the programmer works specifically on solving a client need with a solution that cannot be readily sold to another customer. A perfect example of this is the QData Viewer, several reports are available off the shelf, but countless reports are possible with a little custom programming.

IIF versus qbXML Interface

IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) and the qbXML version of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) are two different ways that data file can be updated. List IIF files can be created and manipulated relatively easily. Transactional IIF files and use of qbXML typically requires programming skills and knowledge.

Information coming from Intuit is that the IIF format is being phased out. This process will take some time to happen completely, but developers are (or at least should be) keeping it in mind as they move forward on projects.

As a consultant, it is not necessary that you become fluent in XML or know all the programming and technical jargon. Talk with a programmer about the needed function and how you suggest it be accomplished. Then sit back and listen as they describe if that is feasible or not based on the access Intuit has permitted, what their product was designed to do, the depth of their knowledge in a particular area, etc.

On to the products...